A flurry of creation

It’s amazing how much work can be produced when a group of 7 artists and 3 little kids get together for a day of playing at being printmakers.  We have decided to get together to have fun, learn new skills, and produce beautiful artwork.  A really great idea as it turns out. 

We had the most crazy, frantic, busy, social, grounding, inspiring day that I’ve had for a while. Having a whole day creating artworks with my husband (also an artist), and our three kids is great, but adding in 5 other artists, from Waitomo, made the whole day fantastic.

The creative juices flowed and ideas were found, shared, and explained. It is a wonderful thing to be working with people who you really admire. It really encourages you to bring your “A” game. The huge amount of high quality work that was produced was amazing. If only all Saturdays could be like that. Not to worry though, we have plans for more creative get togethers in the near and hopefully continuing future

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