Printing a story

Working in a group of like minded artists is amazing. A group of us got together for a planned printmaking day. To begin the day we started off with one of the basics, monoprints, a great way to produce nice work quickly without too much trouble. It’s really good if you’re able to work with a more loose style, but for those of us who are tight and love detail it’s REALLY frustrating. So, monoprinting. My first go started off very tight and detailed until I realised what I was doing and just printed it. Then moved on to a slightly more open design… and promptly ended up adding lots of detail.image

My only problem was detail meant too much ink and a squashed out print. image

No worries, multi-media is wonderful, it will have lots of detail added once it’s dry.
Then onto drawing a design for my woodcut. Yay, Lots of detail!image

The question was, had I bitten off more than I could chew. Surrounded by artists who I absolutely respect and admire, what an amazing situation to be in. I had to live up to my plan. So, down to the business of cutting.
It took a few hours of cutting, interspersed with great conversations and being inspired viewing the creation processes of others, but I finished it.image

Finally time to see what I had created. All inked up and ready to go.


It’s always so rewarding when you finally see the finished print when you’ve spent so much time and energy on it. Happy and well worth the bruised thumb and pulled muscles in my arm.

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